☆★CoNnOr★☆ is a creator on Flipnote Hatena. He is a bronze Citizen and has over two-hundred flipnotes posted. His main favourite creators are Playhero™, Tobi★ and JTG. His fave American creator is Ghost1514 and ☆★CoNnOr★☆ has a friend known as ShadoWar.

☆★CoNnOr★☆ also uses Hatena human-powered search (Hatena Question). He was kicked out of Hatena Haiku by haters.

His DSi's top screen is broken, so he is getting a new one; however, he is keeping the broken one.

Personal Life

☆★CoNnOr★☆'s real name is (duh) Connor. He is 10 years old. He was born on January 21, 2002. He has Aspberger's Syndrome (similar to high-functioning autism). He knows many Flipnote Hatena users in real life, such as his classmate lee beeEE. He also enjoys gardening. He found an almost dead Leylandii tree and spent a successful year trying to revive it. He also enjoys rollercoasters, however, whenever it gets to the fast bits, he ducks right down and clamps his teeth together and shuts his eyes. What a wimp.

Gaming Life

☆★CoNnOr★☆ has a fear he might die due to exhaustion due to nonstop gaming. But why is he still gaming like an idiot?

Free Rider 2

On, ☆★CoNnOr★☆ (signed up as music!b!) created two major tracks, Scotland Dirt and Elf Invasion, both of which were never finished.

He has signed up a new account (potatoes), and is currently working on a cave-riding project. However, his laggy computer seems to be interrupting this.


He first saw this game being played by his friend Adam. He is a professional Invizimal catcher and still plays the games today.


☆★CoNnOr★☆ made his own website about the game, he liked it so much.


☆★CoNnOr★☆ played these games too. He completed them.

Flipnote Studio

☆★CoNnOr★☆ is a well-known creator on Flipnote Hatena. For scamming.


☆★CoNnOr★☆ likes Minecraft, however he has no money to buy the game . :( However, his mum decided to get an Ipod Touch for Christmas so he can play the Pocket Edition.

Dragon Cave

☆★CoNnOr★☆ (AwesoMan3000) is also a member of Dragon Cave. Here is his scroll, please click the dragons!

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