2000 Fans!
Flipnote Hatena GUS 2000 Fans! YouTube
Release Date
(YouTube premiere 5/28/2013)

2000 Fans! is a Flipnote released to Flipnote Hatena by GUS. It combined animated stick figures with photography.


The Flipnote stars Fernando as the central protagonist, the Stick Friends as the deuteragonist and tritagonist, and the barber as a supporting character.


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Fernando is a long-haired stick figure with a Creator's Room on Flipnote Hatena. He takes pride in his hairdo and is friends with two unnamed stick figures.

Stick Friends

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The Stick Friends are Fernando's hairless comrades, who are not as trustworthy as they seem.


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The barber is a hair stylist at the local barbershop. He appears in this episode exclusively.


Fernando and the Stick Friends celebrate when Fernando finally receives 2,000 fans on Flipnote Hatena.


2000 Fans!

2000 Fans!


Fernando: Hey, guys! Check this out. Two thousand fans!

Stick Friend #1: Hey-hey, nice job, man.

Stick Friend #2: Sweet. Let's go celebrate!

Fernando: Yeah!

(Another Night by Real McCoy plays as Fernando and the Stick Friends leave their house and drive off in a car.)

All (in tune to music): Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

(The sound of a record scratching is heard as the car parks in front of a barbershop.)

Fernando: Hey, why're we stopping here?

Stick Friend #1: Stop pretending like you don't know, dude.

Stick Friend #2: Yeah. You promised us that you'd shave your head if you ever got this many fans.

Fernando: (shows a)

Stick Friend #2: Shave it off, barber!

(The barber shaves Fernando's head.)

Barber: Hee hee ha ha ha!

Stick Friend #2: How does it feel like having two thousand fans, Fernando?

Fernando (crying): Sucks!