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Afro Toad (stylized as AfRo ToAd) is a creator on Flipnote Hatena. He has 30,000+ fans and created a series called Flipnote Hatena Gadget. He joined Hatena in 2010.


AfRo ToAd wanted to be a famous creator since he joined. He loved the fact that people could view, watch and give feedback to his series. From there, he tried his hardest to have people enjoy his work. Later, in mid-2010, AfRo ToAd became popular due to his comedy Flipnotes and music videos. Then, in September 2011, he posted the first episode of Flipnote Hatena Gadget and it quickly became a popular series. AfRo ToAd began to make comedy flips and music videos much less after he made his series.

Flipnote Hatena Gadget ended with ninety-one episodes. AfRo ToAd was sixteen years old at the time of his departure, and was known for being a hyper person overall. He loves to make friends, eat pizza, drink 2% milk, and loves to play Nintendo video games. AfRo ToAd is planning to make a series called Dawn of Hope on Flipnote Studio 3D.