Frenzy II

One of her Pokemon OC's, Frenzy.

Arcy is a little known artist on Flipnote Hatena. Not much is known about her besides the fact she is a self described "mean girl". Her character preferences seem to change frequently, as seen by her flips. She makes music videos and comedy shorts, also taking to voicing her own flipnotes in recent months. She uses a Ninetales/Zoroark Pokemon hybrid to represent herself. A list of characters is as follows.

Arcy's Characters

Arcy - Herself, a ninetales/zoroark.

Frenzy - A female Servine that evolved from a Snivy

Foxxy - A female Nintales

IceFlood - A male Articuno

Blazingly - A female Reshiram

Leto - A male Espeon

Amadeus - A male Mightyena

Pyre - A female? Yamask

Landon - A male Litwick

Seqitur - A female Weavile

Gloomy - A male Houndoom

Demend - A male Sableye

Lioyen - A male? Luxray

Tempest - A male? Dragonair

Azire - A female Feraligatr