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Bai, as seen in "O Yeah"
Full Name
Birdzeus Quarlton Bai
Treetop Town

Bai (full name Birdzeus Quarlton Bai) is the eponymous central character of the Flipnote Hatena series, Birdie BAI. He is a pink-coloured songbird currently residing in the fictional Treetop Town.


Bai has been shown to be an overly optimistic member of the community. He is best friends with the shy pessimist Mr. O, despite their obvious differences. Bai is not the coolest citizen of Treetop Town, shown through his many interactions with the rebellious Tee Kiwi.


Bai's physical design is simpler than that of Mr. O and Tee Kiwi, but is more complex than Flipnote Hatena's famous stick figure characters. Bai is made of an egg shape, coloured pink. He has two short wings and two feet (resembling penguins' webbed feet). Bai also has two large, oval-shaped eyes and one beak.


Bai is the only character to appear in every episode of the Birdie BAI series. His first appearance was in "Birdie Art" and his last was in "Holly Jolly BAI."

He is scheduled to return on Flipnote Gallery: World.