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This article is about the series. For the creator of the same name, visit this page. For the character named Bai, visit Bai.

Birdie BAI was a Flipnote Hatena original series uploaded by the user of the same name.

The series was first uploaded on May 23, 2012. It starred a trio of avian characters, led by a pink songbird named Bai. Each Flipnote ended with a "lesson" (mostly random advice like "Don't plan a surprise party...if the person scares easily") that tied into the Flipnote story.


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Only four characters have been featured in the series: Bai, Mr. O, Tee Kiwi and a minor character named Nerdbird.


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Thirty-three episodes of the series were animated, and twenty-three were released to Flipnote Hatena. The remaining ten episodes will supposedly air on Flipnote Gallery: World.


  • JT has drawn the Bai character during a chat on Sudomemo.
  • Eggplant has drawn the two central characters of the show, Bai and Mr. O, in one Flipnote.

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