Brush Tool

With the brush tool, you can paint patterns on the canvas. The brush tool can be used to add shading to an image. There are 3 sizes of brush tips for the first seven patterns. Pattern eight (the '?' brush) can be set by the user.

Additional Information

The Paintbrush defaults to the smallest of three possible sizes. Activate the medium size by holding the up button (or x button in left hand mode) while selecting from patterns one to seven. Press the L-Button to select the largest versions of patterns one to seven.

The '?' brush defaults to a medium dense pattern with a perceived brightness between those of patterns 5 and 6. This brushes pattern can be customized. Select an area containing pixels with the select tool, don't copy and don't cut it, just leave it selected. Choose the '?' brush to assign the selection as its pattern.

The default '?', '??' and the custom '?' brush patterns replace existing pixels on the layer.

Press the L-Button for a custom '??' brush that merges with pixels already drawn on the layer.

The Custom '?' brush pattern will be retained till a new selection without following copy or cut is made, or Flipnote Studio is quit.

The selected brush (except the '?' or '??' brush) is also used as pattern for the eraser in pattern mode and for flood fill in a selected or pixel enclosed area.

Brush Patterns

Brushes primary

Small brush patterns 1–4 in the top row, 5–7 and customisable pattern 8 '?' in the bottom row.

Patterns with pressed L-Button (or R-Button for left handed users):

Brushes secondary

Large brush patterns 1–4 in the top row, 5–7 and customisable pattern 8 '??' with transparency in the bottom row.