Chris19 was a creator on Flipnote Hatena. He was formerly known as xStorm19xX (with Chris19 remaining as his Hatena ID). His Flipnotes included music videos and comedy Flipnotes.

A fanmade drawing of Chris19's OC

Original Characters


Chris' Flipnotes always included this character, named after the creator himself. Chris was depicted as a stick figure with short, black-colored hair and a large, blue-colored baseball cap (with a similar design to the hat of JT's OC).


This character, apparently left unnamed, appeared as a secondary character in Chris19's Flipnotes. He was depicted as an average stick figure with white-colored hair.


Chris19 had a small amount of Flipnotes on his newest account, yet had many on his first. Most of the animations were music videos (as well as several comedy animations).

The thumbnail of a Flipnote by Chris19


  • Chris19 was known to chat with another user known as "J-Dawg" often.
  • His original character, Chris, was never animated without a hat.
  • Chris used three different accounts over the course of his time on Hatena.
  • The user stated that he had changed animation techniques thrice.