Dr.Hobo is a un-popular creator that makes medium quality flipnotes (some migt say very very low quality) He is a 10 year old male boy. He prefers to make MV's and comedys All his flipnotes may be found HERE [[1]]


Dr.Hobo is a 10 year old male named Nathaniel who enjoys making flipnotes, reading, surfing the web, watching TV, and above all playing video games in his spare time. He enjoys coffee, books, video games, and blowing off his cash on video games, and books + coffee at Barnes and Nobles book store.

Friends on Hatena

Dr.Hobo has many friends on Hatena, that include: Spiralgirl, WWEfan, Ninja cake, Darkdragon, MASteR, $@K, (<--- sice it has "@K" in it, it thinks it's a email, ignore the blue >A<) Crayonz, Halient, Isabella, and ☆~Bloo~★ (I only did her name with symbols since they turned out fine XD)

Video Game Preferences

Dr.Hobo prefers platforming games, Action/Adventure Games, and above all, RPG games Some of his favorite games are:

  1. Pokemon Silver (was like, 6th game ever played by him)
  2. Pokemon Yellow (was one of presents from 6th birthday)
  3. Pokemon Heartgold (this really brought back the Pokemon SIlver feeling to Dr.Hobo <3)
  4. Pokemon Platinum (fun game with lots of action :D)
  5. Mario Kart 64 (was 2nd game Dr.Hobo EVER PLAYED IN HIS LIFE)
  6. Harvest Moon 64 (first game played by Dr.Hobo EVER. PERIOD)
  7. Donkey Kong 64 (THIRD game Dr.Hobo ever played)
  8. The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D (Dr.Hobo still hasn't beat this game XD)
  9. Tetris (fun stress- reliver for Dr.Hobo)
  10. Pokemon Firered (was Dr.Hobo's favorite game until stolen by someone and never played again)

Upcoming Flipnotes from Dr.Hobo

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Bangarang MV

Printer FAIL (possibly)

Lady Gaga Advice (possibly)

Please Don't RUN AWAY (will probally make you wet your pants and go cry to your mommy XD LOL JK)