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E-Dude's current icon

E-Dude is a popular, Canadian Flipnote creator from the Americas region who  made comedy flipnotes and music videos. He joined Flipnote Hatena around March 2011, expecting to fail. He is currently 15 years old. His biggest inspiration is Gizmo. He has 3 original charactars: E-Dude, Steven, and Nate. His first popular flipnote was "Evil Yoshies," next was "The Staring Contest," followed by his huge hit, "I Want A Big Mac." He has a large amount of other popular flipnotes as well, including "The Monster Fly," "It's Not Food," and many more. He has one series, "LOLwut?". He also has made an extremely large collection of music videos, including: "One Life," "More," "Step Up", "Never Too Late", and more. E-Dude had 14,000 fans, But he delinked his account. So now E-Dude has approximenly 300 fans and 4,000,000 stars. As of October 7, 2012, E-Dude said he would be quitting Hatena before the end of October, and that his final flipnote would be an E-Dude tribute. After the tribute, he said some final words, thanked his friends (i8pichu, Evan $G, Squirt, "and many many more!"), and was done animating. He alerted fans that he was not 100% gone, and that he would still participate in chats occasionally.

On November 12 2012, E-Dude posted this message on his facebook: "Just so you all are aware...I am selling my DSi XL tomorrow to a friend...I delinked my Hatena account today...whether or not you can still see my creator's room, I don't know. Let me know."


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