The Elite Masters Clan was one of the many user-created clubs on Flipnote Hatena. The Elite Masters Clan specialized in full body animation, stereotypically fights or other varieties of complex scenes, and many members in the clan do fight collaborations. The clan was supposedly created by KeemX3.

Elite Masters Clan ("[EL]")
Date founded
Number of members
Over 30
Notable members
KeemX3, Cameron, Binded, Tamsan, Kenny, Jellocat, Gokuto
KeemX3 and Cameron


In order to join the clan, you were required to ask one of the leaders (KeemX3 or Cameron). However, most users did not ask and simply added [EL] to their username, without permission. This is why a lot of the "members" are not "certified" members. You must receive permission from a leader in order to be in the [EL]. Also, the Elite Masters Clan did not recruit (leaders did not ask other users if they wanted to join).

Full Body Animation

The Elite Masters Clan specialized in full body animation, as mentioned earlier. Several of the skilled members of the clan animate using speed 7 (examples being Cameron, Binded, and Gokuto) or even speed 8. However, most users animate on the classic speed 6, which is slower than 7 and 8, but is the most basic and easiest to animate with. Some users also post collaborations, with the most common type of collaboration in the [EL] being "Fight Collabs." Collabs are simply an advanced version of Chain Flipnotes in which the participants continue the other's animation.

General Information

As stated by the founder, KeemX3, the clan works in leaders. Supposedly, there are 3-9 leaders in the clan, and the rest of the members are under one of those leaders. For example, if one leader is asked by a user if they can join the Elite Masters Clan, and is accepted, the user is under the previously-mentioned leader (one of 9 leaders). This could possibly be the reason why the Elite Masters Clan does not recruit other users.


The [EL] doesn't have much planned for the future. Most of the leaders are still active, and most of the members are quite active. The [EL] never became well-known on Hatena.


  • The [EL] was not much of a commitment. Many members are also members of several other groups.
  • One well-known animator on Flipnote Hatena, Yuno, is friends with many members of the [EL], and even showed some interest in joining.
  • There were many members of the [EL] that did not animate very well. These were usually the "fake" members that simply added [EL] to their usernames.
  • Several "clan" members (including Cameron and Binded) were known for animating very well. Some might say that their skills are superior to the possibly-retired Anthony's.