Epic and Guitar (id: EpicGuitar) are two brothers from the Americas region. The two joined Flipnote Hatena in April 2011. The style of their flipnotes were on the messy side. Guitar was the one who usually uploaded flips, with Epic occasionally posting his own (his style differed from his brother's with notable bolded lines compared to Guitar's thin sketchy ones).

EpicGuitar's flipnotes usually consisted of miscellaneous pokemon characters of theirs that were put to funny scripts they would find. Scripts found from youtube videos such as TF2/G-mod vids, commercials, etc.


Life Outside of Flipnote

Now that Flipnote has been shut down, the duo moved towards working on their own things. Mainly working on their youtube channels.

  • RelativelyEpic (Where EpicGuitar post flipnotes/animations/misc) [4,580 Subscribers]
  • HooNose2009 (Guitar's music channel) [11,000 Subscribers]
  • FartingExplosions (EpicGuitar's let's play channel) [1,230 Subscribers]

EpicGuitar also focus on their art, but guitar only draws butts.

Guitar now goes by PotooBrigham.


Epic and Guitar's pokemon characters are from a fan fiction Guitar made called "Pokemon Alone."

Guitar was planning on animating a story called MACHINE onto Flipnote winter of 2012, but with real life getting in the way and with the shutting down of hatena, he decided wait for Flipnote 3D.

Flipnote Characters

Pokemon Characters:

  • Epic- Shiny Charizard, male, Guitar's younger brother
  • Guitar- Zangoose, male, Epic's older brother, Joey's boyfriend
  • Joey- Shiny Zoroark, female, Guitar's girlfriend (actually the OC of Guitar's at the time actual girlfriend)
  • Sinnoh- Typhlosion, male, Kanto's twin brother
  • Alex- Wartortle, male
  • Barty- Snivy, male
  • Bruckner- Scrafty, male
  • Claire- Gardevoir, female, Luna's daughter
  • Eliza- Froslass, female, Jackson's wife
  • Fionna- Floatzel, female
  • Jackson- Infernape, male, Eliza's husband
  • Jerry- Oshawott, male, Mira's little brother
  • Jo- Mienshao, female
  • Juniper- Blaziken, female
  • Kanto- Quilava, male, Sinnoh's twin brother
  • Kyle- Linoone, male
  • Luna- Gardevoir, female, Claire's mother
  • Matilda- Mismagius, female, Penny's adopting mom, Stephan's wife
  • Mira- Dewott, female, Jerry's older sister
  • Penny- Banette, female, Stephan's adopted daughter
  • Stephan- Gengar, male, Penny's adoptive dad, Matilda's husband

Junk Planet Characters:

  • Aura- Small girl of unknown species struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world; travels with Bree
  • Bree- Woman of unknown species struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world; used to be a janitor for Bangley's Demolition Services; travels with Aura

Machine Characters:

  • Caandir- Male, protagonist
  • Carred- Male, Caandir's grandfather
  • General RanBur- Male
  • Hasiva- Female, deity
  • Kodd- Male
  • Natif- Male
  • Tanil- Female
  • Turik- Male, bully

Other Characters:

  • The Chap- The only human character among the cast; has a british accent and enjoys tea.

Flipnote ID

You can view all their old flipnotes from Flipnote Studio 3D's DSi Library using this code:



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