You​ may find the article offensive, but this for educational use only and is not meant to hurt anyone, nothing is meant to be taken offensively'.You have been warned...

Flipnote Stealing is a common offense done throught Flipnote Hatena.


A Stolen Flipnote is a Spin-off of another Flipnote (usually a popular one) that is edited minimally, or not at all. Its done to gain more stars. On some occasions, the stolen Flipnote is even more popular than the original.

A Flipnote Stealer is a Creator who steals Flipnotes from other people. Some Creator's whole Channel is dedicated to taking others Flipnotes and reposting them on Hatena. Their goal is to gain many stars.

Sometimes, though falsely, these terms are clumped together with the terms 'Star Begger' and 'False Reporter,' all are completely different terms from one another, though some Creators do fit into multiple catagories.

Avoiding Stolen Flipnotes

Here are a few tips to avoid starring a stolen Flipnote:

  • Always look at the Flipnote before starring the one being looked at.
  • If the Flipnote is flashy/alternating colors, then its almost cirtainly stolen. Check and see.
  • If the Flipnote Speed is 7 and/or the audio is higher pitch, it might be stolen. Check and see.
  • If a popular Flipnote appears multiple times and has the exact same characters from the original, its stolen.

Preventing Stolen Flipnotes

Here are some ways to avoid, or reduce, your chances of you Flipnotes being stolen:

  • Locking you Flipnote is the only way to ensure your Flipnote wont be stolen.
  • Make a copy of the same Flipnote, post one lock, and unlock the second one.
  • Put a sign somewhere noticable, yet obsuring, to show your the original creator, or that its been unlocked
  • Delete ALL pages from a Flipnote, leaving the audio behind, to ensure a Spin-Off of sorts.
  • Post something over all pages so that the animation isnt there.

Taken these precautions decrease the chance of your Spin-Off wont be stolen.

Remember! The person stealing a Flipnote is a person too. You dont know why they're doing it besides popularity. Its worse to attack someone than it is to steal from them.