1st Cintiq drawing

A drawing by Futon after he received a Wacom Cintiq 12WX.

Futon Rumps (id: UKTREECKO) is an animator from California, United States. He first received a black DSi on his birthday in 2009. However, he had only started to make Flipnotes and post them around October 2009. He has remained on Flipnote Hatena through various usernames to this date.


Futon started to create Flipnotes in late 2009. He began making smaller animations by detailed drawings and spin-offs. It wasn't until October/November 2009 when he started posting his minor animations. On towards 2010, Futon acquired his most well-known username "Larry", named after the character Larry Butz from the video game series Ace Attorney. Futon posted much more flipnotes, gaining a moderate amout of fans and friends.

Soon later, Futon continued to post under the name of DT Buizel which is now under MajorMinus.

Personal Life

Futon goes under many names including:

  • TripleTail
  • Lukario
  • Larry
  • DT
  • Futon

His most famous aliases are Larry, Stailez, and Futon. Outside the internet, Futon works at an art studio. Suprisingly, he is only 15. He is often browsing deviantArt and Tumblr. He is also known for creating music. Futon is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome after going through many diagnosis speculations.

Other than a DSi, Futon owns a 3DS in which he is much more active in Colors!3D.