Glen-i's current icon on flipnote Hatena.

Glen-i is a famous creator in the Europe/Oceania region who has been on the site since it first started. He is well known for his karaoke flipnotes and Pokemon flipnotes which usually include a Totodile, a Kecleon, Charizard or a Groudon. His original representation was a Totodile named agent 158 (codename Dile) but wanted his representation to be a Kecleon. Due to his sudden increase of popularitity, Glen didn't want to lose it, so his representation stayed as a Totodile until he could draw Kecleon better.

His most famous flipnotes are "Groudon's New Toy", "Karaoke walk" and "Karaoke Tracks"

Glen still hasn't gone past Pokemon number 42 in his ridiculous pokemon collab or part 5 of his christmas special that started in 2010.

He has left Flipnote Hatena due to his DSi XL no longer working, but will return when Flipnote memo comes out on the 3DS.

His deviantart account: