Hatena Heroes Club
Lobo Solitario(leader)
Hatena Heroes Club
You guys are right! I can't let them discourage me! That's what they want!
Lobo before the founding of the HHC.

The Hatena Heroes Club, or the HHC, is one of the many Anti-Baddies of Hatena. The clan has approximately 50 members, making the clan quite big when compared to others. The clan's leader is currently Lobo, who is aided by the clan's detective, Gokuto. The clan's members have taken down many scammers, and the clan's members usually treat scammers agressively, something that has caused some issues between Lobo and some members.


As told by Lobo, he once had a terrible experience with some Baddies Of Hatena. The Baddies cursed at Lobo's friends, while he stood there doing nothing. Some time after the event, Lobo's friends quit Hatena, and it made Lobo feel as if it were his fault for not protecting his friends back then, this awakened a deep hatred in Lobo for Baddies. Lobo was then false reported some time later. This is believed to be what led to the HHC being founded on December 14th, 2012. Ever since, the clan has gained quite the popularity among Lobo's friends, and their friends.


The Hatena Heroes Club's goal is mainly to help Hatena and get rid of all the Baddies Of Hatena. Whenever Lobo is informed or discovers a major baddie/scammer, he gives the order to take down the scammer. Lobo believes the HHC will, one day, achieve it's ultimate goal, and Hatena will be clean of all Baddies. Some other members, however, like Gokuto, believe that the HHC could potentially help Hatena, but Hatena will never be 100% clean.


One can easiy join the Hatena Heroes Club by filling the sign-up flipnote on Lobo's profile(, and then waiting for Lobo's approval.


Lobo's hatred for scammers makes him quite aggressive when dealing with them. Most members follow all orders Lobo gives out without hesitating, but on January 6, 2013, Lobo gave out an order that Gokuto spoke out against. Lobo's order called for the HHC to report all flipnotes linked to the Stolen Flipnotes Channel,and most members thought of the order as a great way to show the Baddies the HHC is superior, but Gokuto thought otherwise. Gokuto argued that the Stolen Flipnotes Channel was helpful against Baddies, since it lets people know if the flipnote they're viewing is stolen. Gokuto argued that it would be a smarter choice to attack the stolen flipnotes on the Most Popular, rather than old, stolen flipnotes. Gokuto's argument turned many members against the HHC, including Lobo's best friend and Lobo's former detective. A similar argument occurred

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