A Hatenaversary is a creator's anniversary of their time on Hatena. Hatenaversaries are usually seperated by intervals of months or years. For instance, if a creator joined Hatena on May 12, 2011, then they might celebrate their 'One Year Hatenaversary' on May 12, 2012. There are many ways to celebrate a Hatenaversary. Sometimes creators might make flipnotes for the celebrating creator. Also, creators might ask fans and friends to add part of his/her name to theirs. For example, if Sokko's One Year Hatenaversary was last week, then he would ask all his fans to add 'Sok' or 'Ko' to the end or front of their name. (Note: For his Hatenaversary, Sokko did actually do this). Creators might also make a surprise MV or Stick Fight to celebrate.