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Selection Tools (with L-Button)

There are several different methods used to make pixel fonts in Flipnote Studio.

Stencil Method

This method is useful for small amounts of text and making your own pixel fonts for greater amounts of text.

You can also use this method for making sprites.

  1. Draw a single pixel.
  2. On the selection tools Menu, hold down the L button and 'Enlarge' the pixel two or three times to make a big pixel.(2)
  3. Copy the big pixel with the selection tool.(3)
  4. Insert the selection, press and hold the L button during all of the next steps.
  5. Move the big pixel with the D-Pad, by multiples of four steps if you expanded two times, by multiples of eight if you expanded three times.
  6. Make a stamp with Ⓐ, repeat till your letter is finished. If you unintentionally let go of L, just repeat from step 4.
  7. Shrink the letter by the same amount you enlarged the pixel.
  8. Copy the letter to another page.
  9. Repeat for all needed letters.