use the pen to make shades

1. get the second to lightest shade to color the edges of the bottom part of the face

2.when making a night scene you should use the darkest shade on your pen. Not the ?, the one to the left of it. use the select tool on the left, and hold it and blow. the background should look dark. dont make your background yet just your person. use the one to the left of the darkest one. do 1. with this shade. now manually color the whole face exept the part that's already shaded. now make the background over the shade. you should have a decent night scene

3.when there is a shade you want to include such as an alley. you should use the third dark shade to do this. it is the first one on the second row. this is only on a day scene not on a night scene.

4. you can make the background first then the person. When doing the night scene you should do the shade first then the background, although it'll be harder to do it if do the shade and background since you will have to erase the shade where the head is. If you just shade over it it'll get darker.