Flipnote Artist Wiki

Using pixel fonts in your own animations is quite simple. For this tutorial I used the "Dr. Zoom's Font" and erased the title to get space for my written words. See the fonts article for a list of available fonts on Flipnote Hatena.

Left handed users please have a look into the function list which buttons you have to press.

  1. Download the pixel font to your DSi.
  2. Copy the page with the font on it from the downloaded Flipnote to your own Flipnote. See this tutorial how to copy a page from one Flipnote to another. Do not use the pixel font Flipnote as base for a new Flipnote, because in this case your Flipnote might get marked as a spin-off.
  3. Draw a baseline for your font on the second layer. Use the one pixel pen, and draw a straight right-angled line.
  4. Make sure you selected the first layer (top layer).
  5. Select the selection tool.
  6. Select the character you like to write. In this tutorial I like to write just "Hello", so I start selecting the upper case "H".
  7. Press and hold [L], and press Ⓐ to paste the character right at it's original place. Keep holding [L].
  8. Move the selection with the pen approximate to your line. (Keep holding [L])
  9. Use the D-Pad to adjust the position of the character until the base of the character is just on the red line.
  10. Continue repeating steps 6-9 until you wrote a whole line. Select this line and click on cut on the selection screen.
  11. Go to the target page and select paste.
  12. Move the pasted line to it's final position.