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[IK○N!K]™, also referred to as "IKoN", is a fairly popular creator from the Americas region. He's known for many of his comedy-based flipnotes featuring his unique style of stickfigures. His flipnotes usually contain audio clips from YouTube, but have also been made completely original. He's also the creator of Flipcom, the action-oriented flipnote broadcasting block on Flipnote Hatena.

About [IK○N!K]™

[IK○N!K]™ is currently 17 years of age and lives in the eastern United States.


Many of IKoN's flipnotes are comedy-based and use stick figures. Occassionally, he sometimes uses humanoid characters in his flipnotes (seen once in his "Vader" flipnote). IKoN always attempts to create a popular flipnote series. His first series to get somewhat popular was his comic: War: Red Versus Blue. Despite requests to continue, a second episode was never posted. Another series he attempted to create, was Free Fall. However, due to data corruptions in his SD card, the first episode was lost and the series cancelled. IKoN later presented another potential series, titled: Lockdown. This series has yet to be presented on Flipnote Hatena.


See main article: Flipcom

Flipcom (a portmanteau of the words flipnote and communication suggesting "flipnote communication") is an action-oriented flipnote broadcasting block on Flipnote Hatena created by [IK○N!K]™ (id:sketchartist). It runs similarly to Toonami; a popular action/anime programming block on Cartoon Network. This isn't a flipnote creator, but a growing phenomenon on the site. It features flipnotes from multiple creators, mainly action series, and airs on Saturday nights (formerly Friday nights). It's first official broadcast was aired on Saturday, May 12, 2012. It is run by a 4 foot tall robotic host named R.