An Icontest is a contest hosted by a creator. If the creator is unsatisfied with or cannot make an icon, then they might host an Icontest. Contestants must design an icon for the host. Here are the basic rules of an Icontest:

  • The Icon should feature the host's O.C('s) doing some type of pose, along with the host's name.
  • The Icon should have a creative background.
  • The Icon should be shaded.
  • Do not trace, steal, or copy and paste any O.C drawings onto the Icon.
  • Try your best.

The host may also make prizes for the winners. For example:

  • All entries recieve 100 stars.
  • Honorable mentions get 300 stars.
  • 10th place gets 500 stars.
  • 9th place get's 600 stars.
  • 8th place gets 700 stars
  • 7th place gets 800 stars
  • 6th place gets 900 stars
  • 5th place gets 1000 stars and a fave
  • 4th place gets 1500 stars and a fave
  • 3rd place gets 2000 stars, a fave, and 1 green star.
  • 2nd place gets 2500 stars, a fave, and 2 green stars.
  • 1st place gets 3000 stars, a fave, 3 green stars, and a shoutout.