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an early sketch of Ink

"I'm not popular and I know that. Who cares, popularity goes away." ~ InkCat™== InkCat™ is an average flipnote creator whose animation skills aren't the best and she stated that before. She is deeply troubled by the drama going around the flipnote hatena community and once made fun of this by making a flipnote that states "Flipnote should be classified in the same place as drama theater." She doesn't really want to be popular because she knows that fights go on with popular creators. Her only real wish is to be noticed. She's not in it for the stars (revealed in a chat room). This is because, under her words, not being noticed much in real life. She was heard saying: "I'm often mistaken to be a mute person, which is not the case. I feel for those with the same problem." She's been apart of Hatena since May 2010 but has been following hatena since 2009 when she first purchased her DSi. She has two major characters: Ink and Mindheart. These are often used to show the good and bad in a person.

Ink dev id by demonwolf427-d3h7wwg


Ink is the representation of good in her eyes. She is a normally happy cat despite her appearance. She sports a black and white striped scarf, black paws, and a black tipped tail. She has bangs that normally fall over the right side of her face. She is a white Maine Coon. She is being made into two AMVs (Animate Music Video) as of now.


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Mindheart is her representation of evil in her eyes. She was originally a Role Playing character that InkCat™ herself had to pull off. She often states that "It's hard to play in the role of something so wicked and so evil that friends will be insulted out of the Role Play." Her name doesn't make much sense because her Nickname was Mind (Long story) and it was intended to be a Warriors roleplay and Mindheart was born. InkCat™ believes that this character is the little insanity in all of us.