Last Monday Night
Flipnote Hatena Last Monday Night YouTube
Unknown (spin-off by Lazyboy2013)
Release Date
August 5, 2011

Last Monday Night was a musical Flipnote released on Flipnote Hatena. A spin-off of the Flipnote was created by Lazyboy2013.


The Flipnote focuses on a stick figure and his best friend.

Stick Figure

The protagonist of the Flipnote, who spends Monday nights as if they were Friday nights along with his best friend, Floating Friend.

Floating Friend

The stick figure's best friend, who does not speak and is not human.


Two best friends sing about how they spend their Monday nights.


The Flipnote has been released to YouTube. It has been posted to Sudomemo.


Last Monday Night

Last Monday Night


Stick Figure: There's a chicken in my bed, blurry pictures in my head.

Toothpaste all over the sink, ketchup covering my feet.

Maybe i should take a bath, dust the shelves or clean the mat.

But whose living room is that?

Don't remember where I'm at.

Videos last night ended up on my YouTube. Oh, well.

It's a blacked-out blur, places where we where. Oh, no!

Last Monday Night!

We drank lots of Mountain Dew, then played Modern Warfare 2, even took off all our shoes.

Last Monday night! Yeah, we drove our flying cars, eating tons of chocolate bars, listening to Bruno Mars.

We were swimming in the pool. Doing what we thought was cool. We were breaking all the rules!

Last Monday night! Neighbors tried to call the cops. No one said we're gonna stop! Oh!