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January 23rd, 2010
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Mike ♪ (id: imallama) is a creator on Flipnote Hatena. He is well-known for his wild, crazy Flipnotes. 


Mike's Flipnotes were loud, exaggerated, and usually humorous. He used his own voice to make them, as well as for all sound effects added in. Mike used stick figures, mostly one with a black eye and one with a white eye. His stick figures would often engage in screaming, convulsing, and eating each other. They could start out as normal stick figures, and later transform into a figure with long, sharp teeth, sketchy black eyes, and long tongues. He also had an unnamed original character, a small, gray-colored creature with huge, shiny eyes and sharp teeth. Only half of this character is ever seen, as the rest is underground.

Earlier Flipnotes

Mike's "Nom Nom Nom" Flipnote

Mike's "Nom Nom Nom" Flipnote

Flipnotes such as "Nom Nom Nom," "He Touched the Butt," and "Spaghetti Cat," among others, achieved popularity, but weren't as disturbing and distinct as Mike's later Flipnotes. In addition, he animated many Parry Gripp songs.