Music Videos, usually abreviated as MV's, is a flipnote consisting of a song or tune in the background, with characters doing actions that go along with the music or lip-syncing to the song. James McJon is known for being an excellent MV creator, who revolutionized the use of SFX in the background.

Types of Music Videos:

  • AMV: An AMV stands for 'Animated/Anime Music Video'. This term is usually used to describe Music Videos that consist of more sophisticated characters than a stick figure.
  • PMV: PMV stands for 'Pony Music Video'. It can also be classified as an AMV. The main characters in a PMV are ponies from MLP:Friendship is Magic.
  • Typography: A typography MV is a Music Video that consists mainly of the lyrics of the song instead of characters lip-syncing to it. The lyrics usually have transitions and are constantly transforming into other words.