Neon is an original creator know for his Music Videos and Comedy flipnotes. He has been on hatena since June 11, 2011 (or so).

Neon First began Making flipnotes when he was over at a friends house. They made many original audio flipnotes with no-lip syncing and hardly any animation in all. After a wake up call from DaJKid (now friends), Neon learned to lip sync a little better.

After deciding that two stick figures talking wasn't good enough for him to get big, he then decided he would invent two new O.C.s along with one of his old ones. One O.C was a practical duplicate of $R0N4LD$'s O.C 'Ronnie", which Neon now gives all credit to for the idea.

His First Music Video he ever posted was a spin-off to Gizmo's "Boo MV 3". After Neon decided it was fun to do, he started making a series of MVs without spinning off (excluding his noteable "Big Night" MV) having a toal of over 16 Music Video's in all to this day.

MV's Created in Order

The order of his MV's are as follows:

  1. Harder Better Faster Stronger
  2. Party Rock Anthem
  3. I Like It Like That
  4. Forget You
  5. Big Night (spin-off from Qwertyuiop's Big Night)
  6. Blackout ( starring an O.C used for this MV only)
  7. Party Rock Anthem 2
  8. Fireflies
  9. Dead and Gone
  10. Young Forever (in a $PIKE-Like Style
  11. Live Like Were Dying
  12. Welcome to The Club
  13. Buzzin MV (never finished, using a humanoid O.C)
  14. The Great Escape
  15. Paradise
  16. Drops of Jupiter
  17. Feel Again ( Used in a more Updated version of $PIKE's style)
  18. 1-Year Celebratory MV
  19. Good Time
  20. Christmas Special
  21. Last Monday Night (planned to be his final MV)


Neon has made many friends, but his noticeable friends are:

  • Ink Inc.
  • Seekermon
  • JT
  • Evan$G
  • Itom
  • SuperMnM
  • Squirt
  • E-Dude
  • Saint
  • Shinx
  • Soul
  • Imboo
  • Gabriel
  • Kcboy23

Role Models and Style Changes

Neon Has gone through many different styles and has had many role models. He was once known his 'Squirt-Like' and gizmoid animations. Some of his favorite creators are $R0N4LD$, JT, Gizmo, and Mcboo. Most of his first style related to or devoloped from these people. Neon now has a new, more original style from which he will be using from now on.

Likes and Dislikes

Neon Loves playing Video Games, especially Nintendo. He loves pie, and really enjoys hanging out and chatting with friends. He dislikes FR's, people who defave him, coffee, N00bs, and Starbeggers.

Ranking + Other Info

Neon's current ranking and data as of 12/3/2012 at 7:00 PM Mountain Time:

Flipnotes 42
Views 92,659
Stars 199,466
Comments 2,515
Creators Ranking 60
Region Americas