Nicholas (id:Crazycomics) is a creator on Flipnote Hatena from the America region. He is most well known for his series', Derpaween and PMD: Explorers of No One Cares.


oh mai goshhh does nicholas like his VORE. VORE VORE VORE VOREVOREOK. vore here vore there vore EVERYWHERE!!! will he even be quiet about vore? the answer is no. vore will live in the history books. vore will be there whne you are down. vore is your god now! oh praise the VORE PrAISEITTTTTTTRREWQ!!!!! he likes to vore it up with his best buds. Mike ♪, cloun9, soyl, elephent, and mcduckguy all enjoy voreing it up with nic. if theres a party, nic wil BE therew to VORE IT UP IN THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!! if vore was a woman, nic would marry her and thEN VORE IT UP IN BED IF YOOI KNOW WHAT I MEEN?!?!?!! oh yeah did i mention he enjoys GROVYLEVORE THE MOST? oh god that shit makes him so HHHHHAAAARRRREEEDDDDDDFFFF!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, he makes Flipnotes too. But no one really gives a fuck about them because he only posts like every once in a blue MOON!!!

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hi my name is nicolhas this things that are here are true u nw know the varification that is me congrautslsion wiki u shoukld did get a star