This article contains information on how to create a reflection effect in Flipnote Studio. It requires the Advanced Tools.


  • Step 1. Enter Flipnote Studio and tap "Create Flipnote." Draw anything of your choice. After you are done, add a new frame. Make sure the text or illustration is in both frames.
  • Step 2. Next, tap on the Flipnote Frog (in the bottom left corner of the screen). Go to the third menu of tools (select, shrink and flip). Make sure you are on the second frame. Now, hold the [R] button if you are left-handed or [L] if you are right-handed.
  • Step 3. As you can see, the Flip button now shows vertical arrows. Tap it and the text/illustration is rotated vertically. Now, go to the first menu (Draw, Paint and Erase) and select the fourth (checkered) brush. Return to the first menu and select a rubber while holding [L] or [R]. Now, rub the text or image you wrote or drew. If done correctly, it will look as if you drew or wrote with the checkered brush. Now, go to the third menu and tap "Select." Make a circle around the text or image you created.
  • Step 4. Go back to the third menu and tap "Copy." Go to the first frame and tap "Paste." Drag it to the bottom of the original text/drawing. This will create a reflection effect.