Star beggars

A user's rendition of three star beggars

A star beggar, often mispelled as "star begger," is a common term used in Flipnote Hatena.


A star beggar is a creator who uses unfair/undeserved means to earn stars. For some, the term includes those who ask for stars at all, but is technically the wrong context. It always has a negative association.

The term "Star beggar" is often associated with the terms "stealer" and "false reporter." All are completely different from one another, though some creators do fit into multiple catagories.


Usual methods asking for stars include:

  • Asking for stars for downloading something
  • Asking for stars for liking/disliking something
  • Asking for stars for a stolen Flipnote
  • Having to give up your stars for a "game" (usually gambling games)
  • Asking for stars in the comments, especially in other's Flipnotes

Incorrect Examples

Occasionally, the term is extended to those who literally ask for stars. Though it is not proper to ask for stars, as they should only be given if someone likes a Flipnote, it is not begging if the creator did put effort into the Flipnote and asked for stars. The following are examples of what star begging is not:

  • Asking for stars at the end of a well-made, non-stolen Flipnote
  • Asking for stars in the title/description of a well-made, non stolen Flipnote

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