The ghost by theghost129-d3auq0n
The ghost (id: Theghost) is a semi-popular creator and a member of Restoring Hatena. Collectively, he has had over 1,000,000[1] stars, and over 5000 fans.[2]

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The ghost joined Flipnote Hatena in late 2009. Ghost achieved popularity with his release of his Hatena's Heroes series. Ghost primarily created stick figure flipnotes, totaling 93.

Popular Flipnotes

Here are some of the flipnotes posted by The ghost, earning 100,000 stars or above.

Hatena's Heroes

Posted on July 3rd 2010, Ghost started a short lived series known as Hatena's Heroes.

The ghost goes to work Part 1

The original audio and concept has been posted on Newgrounds and Youtube known as "Dad's at work" by Sakupen. Part 2 was never released.

A Hatena Carol

A Hatena Carol

A Hatena Carol

A Hatena Carol is a remastered version of Lukeguy's original A Hatena Carol flipnote. This remastered version includes quite a few more Original Characters of popular creators, and goes in-depth with an alternate view on bans and what happens to a banned creator's OC. The original and remastered versions of A Hatena Carol are both on the subject of Alexian, who genuinely thought that stealing work and reporting is what you were supposed to do. With no way to get to him, Lukeguy desperately created the original to grab Alexian's attention.

This flipnote totaled over 200,000 stars

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