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An icon drawn for Toast by Flipnote user YunA around 2011
Hatena ID
~October 2010
Posted Flipnotes

Toast♪ (id: Tlye8) was a popular creator among Hatena Citizens. Her most popular Flipnote was "The Show Goes On," with over 100,000 stars. She usually posted music videos, comedy Flipnotes, or icons/art. She started out using the select + L tool to animate, but eventually improved and was able to animate fairly smoothly.

General Information

She joined Flipnote Hatena in 2010, after getting a DSi for her birthday. Unlike most people, she never reposted Flipnotes when first joining, but did not post a lot. Her first Flipnote was a music video of the song "Blame It On The Pop," a spin-off from user Blue Mew.


Toast eventually gathered a respectable amount of fans, having 6,000+ when she decided to quit Flipnote Hatena in mid-June 2012, due to a lack of interest. Although she said she was leaving the site, she posted more unfinished Flipnotes before the site closed on May 31, 2013.


Often chatting with random people or fans on her most recent flipnote after posting, Toast was a very active Flipnote Hatenian. She would chat with anyone, but her known friends on Flipnote were:

And many more - who commonly appeared in her Flipnotes. Mike, Butter, and Toast somewhat started the fad of putting a '' behind their username, although some users would do it to pay homage to the trio.

Art Style

Like many other artists on Flipnote, she used a fluffy, dog-like, bipedal character to represent herself. Her character was, as she described, "A German shepherd named Diesel, who has a red spot on his ear and a black arrow on his chest." All of her other characters were also animals, such as a squirrel, black-footed ferret, and another dog.