Tree Frog (id:Rye111)
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Tree Frog
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June 2012
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Tree Frog is a creator on Flipnote Hatena and Sudomemo. He is the self-proclaimed biggest fan of the JT series.


Tree Frog joined Flipnote Hatena in June 2012. Each of his Flipnotes contained original audio. He rarely commented or added stars to other Flipnotes, though would make sure to do so on every new JT episode. The user was known to be inspired much by JT and the TeenChat series animation-wise. After the close of Flipnote Hatena, Tree Frog continued to animate using Flipnote Studio. He joined Sudomemo almost immediately upon hearing that JT had returned to the service. Tree Frog does not seem to be very active on Sudomemo (he has only posted two Flipnotes). One of these was an entry for an icon contest hosted by JT. The user's entry was featured in one of JT's later Flipnotes. The entry appears to be Tree Frog's final posted Flipnote. His only activity on the service for several months has been adding stars to JT episodes.