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Unnamed Kid is a series created by Nathaniel.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 12 November 9, 2010 October 29, 2011
2 4 February 21, 2012 March 28, 2012

Season 1 (2010-2011)

NOTE: Featured artists did not actually collaborate with Nathaniel.

Title Writers Date Released! Featured Deaths
"Blaster's Blast" Nathaniel Whitlock 11/09/2010 Blaster Blaster
The Unnamed Kid meets Tom. As the Unnamed Kid's eyes go on fire, Tom searches Blaster's shop for some fire extenguishers. Blaster not giving him, for Tim's little money, Tom goes back to The Unnamed Kid to find some more help.
"The Birthday Cake" Nathaniel Whitlock 11/10/2010 Mr. Derp Mr. Derp and part of Cake.
The Unnamed Kid meets Tom at his work, The Cake Place, and Mr. Derp fixes up a Cake which seems to be alive. The Cake, Tom, And Mr. Derp try to remind The Unnamed Kid that it is "not" his birthday, which, later, turns out it is.
"Spling Erorrs" Nathaniel Whitlock 11/11/2010 [NONE] Dude Shadz
The Unnamed Kid, and Tom, meet Dude. (His name is not revieled, until later.) Tom tries to Convince The Unnamed Kid, and Dude, that spelling is not cool. But, later, Dude's REAL name becomes unknown, and his mind explodes trying to think about what it is.
"Cake VS Cup-Cake" Nathaniel Whitlock 11/12/2010 [NONE] Another Part Of Cake, Cup-Cake, and Plate.
The Unnamed Kid meets Cake, as Cake complains that Cup-Cake is an insult to all Cakes everywhere. Then, Cake see's a plate, who seems to give them both trouble.
"Rival Rage" Nathaniel Whitlock 11/13/2010 [NONE] Austin Rival
Again, like Dude Shadz, Austin Rival's name isn't revealed, until later. Tom sees his Rival, while Austin and The Unnamed Kid start teasiing Tom. Tom tries to prove he can do the "LOL WUT!?" Face.
"Magic Mayhem!" Nathaniel Whitlock 12/14/2010 [NONE] The Fortune Teller
Tom is getting his Fortune from The Fortune Teller, While The Unnamed Kid comes in, and he steals the magical ball that can tell the Future.
"MaMa's Boy" Nathaniel Whitlock 01/24/2011 [NONE] Austin Rival's Zombie Self.
While Austin Rival is waking from the dead, The Unnamed Kid meets his love, Sarah Prett. (Her name is not revieled until Season 1, Episode 9.) Tom's mom also comes in, and teases Tom. The Unnamed Kid decides to go out on a date with Sarah.
"The Secret To Hair Growth" Nathaniel Whitlock 01/29/2011 [NONE] Yet, Another Part Of Cake and almost The Unnamed Kid, and, also, The hairy Guy.
A mysteriously Hairy guy comes in, forgetting who he really is, comes in. Then, he gives The Unnamed Kid this Hair Grower that gives him Exploding Hair. Tom, Cake, and Cup-Cake Try to find a remedy for the Situation.
"Mah's Magic." Nathaniel Whitlock 03/26/2011 [NONE] Mah The Magical

NOTE: This is the last episode using Level 3 Ink!

Tom commits suicide, the The Unnamed Kid asks for Mah's Magic, then Mah The Magical gives him any power. He brings Austin Rival, and Dude Shadz, back to life. There's, also, a social issue going in the backstory. He goes to Sarah Prett, and he asks her for any help. While she has no help, The Unnamed Kid Goes off, and he finds a solution: He can be his own best friend. The Unnamed Kid, soon, creates clones of himself to rule the world.

In The End, he kills all the clones, and Tom is brought back to life.

"8-Bit's Energy Drink" Nathaniel Whitlock 03/27/2011 8-Bit 8-Bit, and The Unnamed Kid's Energy Levels.
The Unnamed Kid meets 8-Bit, and his Energy Drink, and tries to catch him, while he's flying in mid-air. He's Flying, while The Unnamed Kid and Tom Tell him to come down. Soon, The Unnamed Kid drinks his Energy Drink. The Unnamed Kid becomes uncontrollingly hyper, after drinking too much, of course. 8-Bit soons thinks drinking a whole truck-Load of Energy Drink can stop him, although it backfires, while The Unnamed Kid does pass out, almost, and 8-Bit explodes randomly.
"Squirt and DDD" Nathaniel Whitlock 03/29/2011 Squirt and DmoDrmDude Squirt And DmoDrmDude
After fighting, thinking they are copying each other, Squirt and DmoDrmDude are warned by Tom, Dude Shadz, And The Unnamed Kid, that one person always explodes, though they both get killed in the end.
"The Unnamed Oddissy" Nathaniel Whitlock 10/29/2011 Odyssey (By Homer) Characters Fake Wife, Random Man, And Almost "Odysseus."
The Unnamed Kid comes to a Season Finale with a parody of "The Odyssey", and Odysseus as a returning character.

Season 2 (2011-2012)

NOTE: Featured artists did not actually collaborate with Nathaniel, but if there is a "[REAL]" Next to it, that means there was a collaboration.

Name Writer Date Released Featuring Deaths
"Trained To Fight" Nathaniel Whitlock 02/21/2012 100%, BOSS, And The Annoying Orange. 100% and BOSS
Austin Rival, Tom, And The Unnamed Kid Encounter a being named by 100%. (A meme on FlipNote Hatena.) They are trained by The Boss to fight agaisnt him. They, soon, become strong, while Tom has been passed out this whole entire Time.
"HIS HOME!" Nathaniel Whitlock 03/07/2012 Gizmo Gizz and Moe
Gizz And Moe Meet The Unnamed Kid, and is asked by them, Tom, and Oddysseus, for The Unnamed Kid's tour of his house. The Unnamed Kid shows He lives in a Sphinx in the middle of The Sahara Desert. Only, Tom isn't allowed inside.
"My Unnamed Pony" Nathaniel Whitlock 03/11/2012 [NONE] "Tom's Calmness."
The Unnamed Kid and Tom meets Twilight Sparkles.
"Pac-Man FEVER!!!!!" Nathaniel Whitlock 03/28/2012 [NONE] Anyone who was a Real Ghost, and The Real Pac-Man!
The Unnamed Kid is Pacman, while Dude Shadz, Tom, Austin Rival, Odysseus, and Cake are all ghosts.