Where's Your Homework?
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Teacher (left) and Nicholas (right)
Release Date
Unknown (2011)

Where's Your Homework? (also known as Written in the Stars) was a popular Flipnote released on Flipnote Hatena. It uses the beginning of Tinie Tempah's hit single Written in the Stars as well as original audio recorded by the Flipnote creator.


The Flipnote is based on a student, Nicholas, and his teacher, aptly named Teacher.


Nicholas is a somewhat-rebellious elementary schooler currently taking Teacher's class. He has a beautiful singing voice and uses it to explain why he has forgotten his homework.


Teacher is Nicholas' instructor, a tall stick figure who does not put up with forgetful students. His voice is that of the Flipnote's creator, causing it to be high-pitched.


A student named Nicholas forgets his homework and sings the answer to why he does not have it.


Unlike The Most Dramatically Normal Day of Their Lives, this Flipnote did not live on to be a currently-trending search. It is available on websites such as YouTube but has not appeared on Sudomemo as of January 2015.


Where's Your Homework?

Where's Your Homework?


Teacher: Nicholas, where's your homework?

Nicholas: Written in the stars...

Teacher: Where?

Nicholas: A million miles away...

Teacher: Tell me what it was about.

Nicholas: A message to the main, oh...

Teacher: Why do you always forget your homework?

Nicholas: Seasons come and go, but I will never change!

Teacher: Go to the office.

Nicholas: And I'm on my way! Eee, ee-ee-ee!

Teacher: Go!